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Late Entry

Late entry into the honors program is on an invitational basis. Freshman engineering students who achieve a 3.6 GPA in their first quarter at RIT are invited to apply for a very limited number of seats. There are two opportunities:

Late entry summer research/scholarship

Application without research

KGCOE does not always offer both opportunities. For more information and details see the honors web site. Students accepted into the program may complete the KGCOE four 1-credit hour courses and two 0-credit hour courses. The four credits earned may eventually apply as a free elective in the students program of study. Since late entry students miss the first three engineering classes in their first year, we waive the first freshman course 0302-231 0-credit course, this would allow student who choose to take the classes to follow this schedule (the trip during winter/spring break of year 3 is optional):

Fall Winter Spring
Year 2


Year 3



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