Sandra Rothenberg

Assistant Professor, College of Business

Sandra received her BS in bioengineering from Syracuse University in 1990, a MS in Technology and Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1992 and her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1999.

She is currently an assistant professor at RIT's College of Business in the Department of Management. Sandra is currently a research affiliate with the Harvard Global Environmental Assessment Program and the MIT Consortium on Environmental Challenges. She is also serving as vice chair of the Amy Segal Feminist Foundation. Prior to RIT, Sandra worked as a research associate for the MIT International Motor Vehicle Program, U.S. Office of Technology Assessment, and MIT Technology, Business and Environment program.

Sandra was awarded the Harvard Global Environmental Assessment Post Doctoral Fellowship in 1998, the Academy of Management ONE Interest Group Service Award in 1997, the Alumni Award for Excellence and Leadership in Technology and Policy in 1992, and the Bernard Rabinowitz Fellowship for Leadership and Service in 1991.

Sandra's research has primarily focused on environmental management within the automobile industry, where her interests have included corporate environmental strategy and management, lean manufacturing and environmental performance, regulation and technical innovation, international environmental management, worker participation, and environmental activism within firms.