New products and services are the lifeblood of today's high technology firms, and companies need more technically grounded leaders to drive the engine for business growth. The Rochester Institute of Technology's Master of Science in Product Development (MPD) program is a groundbreaking interdisciplinary leadership program designed for engineering and technical professionals.

By integrating engineering and management elements, the MPD program strives to develop a new kind of leader with a holistic perspective and knowledge base of the total life-cycle product development system. The program establishes the foundation for the integrated systems approach needed to conceive, create, launch, and support products, and it considers how a company's business strategy, vision, and capabilities coupled with the voice of the customer determine product strategy and create best-in-class product portfolios.

The MPD program provides the educational foundation needed by technical leaders to drive product innovation.

The 36-credit program is offered fully on-line or as a blend of on-line and on-campus courses.