Senator’s Scoop

As of 9/2/2014
1. Firstly, INROADS has offered to do multiple information session throughout NY/NJ. Unfortunately, they may not be able to reach the NEZ. As an INROADer myself, I can say that INROADS is very beneficial to all those that participate. The goal of INROADS is to “seek high performing students for internship opportunities with some of the nation’s largest companies.” Along with an almost guaranteed internship, INROADS offers a long-lasting network as well as leadership conferences (all expenses paid) over the summer. Overall, it is a great organization! If you are interested in hosting an informational session at your chapter, please just respond to this email saying yGPAou are and I will connect you.
2. There will be a GPA contest for the region! The way it will work is that there will be 2 awards given out: Most confirmed GPA and Highest Percentage of confirmed GPA. The reason for the two is to make sure that chapters with a smaller membership can still have a chance to win. The competition has already started and will be ending September 30th. Attached you will find a guide on how to best go about submitting GPAs for your chapter. As a hint, the GPA verification form is the best place to start. You can find it here. Be sure to communicate with your registrar to ensure that they will indeed help you. The winners of the two competitions will be awarded a cash prize. If you need an idea on how to start it, please email me and I can help you. Don’t miss out on a chance to win free money!! Also, there is a groupme for Region I Academic Excellence updates in which there will be tips on how to collect GPAs! This group will be used throughout the year to relay information quickly and communicate with your counterparts. Everyone is encouraged to join. 
3. In preparation for competitions for FZC/FRC, chapters will have a chance to give their membership a preview of what will be occurring by holding the Paper Project Competition during a GBM in September. Chapters are encouraged to take pictures so you can possibly be on the website. Your designs may also be used as templates during the competition for FRC. The rules are attached and it is easy to follow and get supplies. It will shortly be on the Region I website and you will be informed when it is up! Be sure to discuss this with your eboard before making any decisions! If you have any questions about it, please respond to me and we can discuss it. But be sure to respond to me if you plan on hosting the competition so I can give you further information.   CompetitionGuide_ThePaperProject
4. Sign up for retention programs is live and everyone is encouraged to sign up. The earlier you sign up, the better your chance of getting funding. The program is being restructured this year to better meet the needs of the membership. Let’s help Region I have the most signed up chapters! Please sign up here!! If you signed up last year and haven’t signed up yet for the upcoming year (Buffalo, Buffalo State, University of Hartford, Stony Brook, and WIT), your deadline is 9/15/14 so be sure to sign up quickly!
5. Also, courtesy of Columbia University, a PowerPoint based on guaranteed 4.0 will be placed on the website for everyone to look at and share with your membership! I attended a Guaranteed 4.0 workshop and looked over the PowerPoint and can say it is accurate! I will contact you when the link is up!
Let us all work together to make this AEx month a great success!