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K-12 STEM Activities (REMS): Overview

The REMS Program is funded by the Toyota USA Foundation.

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The Toyota U.S.A. Foundation supports K-12 education programs with a focus on math, science and environmental science. The Foundation partners with leading organizations and institutes serving diverse populations across all 50 states.

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"The industrial engineering lab activity was interesting and it gave me an opportunity to explore an engineering field."
~High School Student

"This robotics program and the engineering lab activity in the Toyota Lab has made me confident in my choice to become an industrial engineer and even more confident on which college to go to."
~ G.E.A.R.s participant and middle school student

"The Skateboard Assembly was my favorite activity because I felt like an engineer and I love putting things together."
~ WE @ RIT summer camper

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Especially for educators using this site: We tried to make navigation through the sites for each of the nine activities as easy as possible. We suggest that you first open the Lesson Plan for each activity as it describes the sequence of steps to follow when using this activity in the classroom.

The Relevant Education in Math and Science (REMS) Program uses real-world scenarios to make math and science fun and meaningful for students in grades 5-12. Activities are designed to provide improved understanding and retention of mathematical and scientific concepts through the use of engineering practices.

Made possible through Toyota USA Foundation funding, the REMS curriculum options include nine online lesson plans and interactive activities themed to examine three pressing challenges in the US: preserving sustainable, competitive manufacturing; distributing products and services across the world; and developing and delivering efficient health care services. Each of the lesson plans provides age-appropriate math and science curriculum that tie to the Common Core Learning Standards for elementary, middle and high school students.

These On-line lessons capture the essence of the in-lab laboratory experiences and bring interactive activities to a national audience of educators and students who would not otherwise have access to the laboratory lessons. The project is producing in-lab and on-line engineering activities that will reach more than 1,500 students in grades 5 -12 over the life of the grant and potentially thousands of additional students via the on-line lessons.

The REMS program grew out of a collaborative effort between two programs at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) – the Toyota Production Systems (TPS) Lab and the Women in Engineering Program (WE@RIT).

Project Goals:

  1. Create an effective math and science curriculum for grades 5-12 with a hands-on engineering focus
  2. Increase number of 5th – 12th grade math and science educators using age-appropriate activities linking math and science to real-world engineering challenges
  3. Increase the number of students who have access to fun, age-appropriate hands-on activities that link math and science to real world problems. 


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