Step 1: Complete Membership Application Online

With OneSHPE, becoming a member is simple. Visit and follow the link to “Join SHPE.” It only takes a few minutes to complete an online membership application and submit payment.


Step 2: Confirmation of a Payment Method

Confirmation is displayed once a payment method has been selected at the final stage of completing your online membership application. For your convenience, VISA, MasterCard and Diners Club are accepted. will receive your membership packet in the mail.


Step 3: Await Your Membership Packet

Approximately three to four weeks after SHPE National approves your online membership application, you will receive your membership packet in the mail.


Step 4: Contact Your Chapter President or Regional Leader

Now that you are a member, touch base with your chapter and regional leaders for information on chapter events and how you can become involved. Contact information on your leaders can be found online via OneSHPE.


Step 5: Make Payment of Chapter Dues

Make sure to pay chapter dues to the president of the chapter or anyone on the executive board in order to take full advantage of the chapter benefits. The chapter dues for this year are $5. If you have questions concerning the payment of either the national dues or chapter dues dont hesitate to contact us.