Rochester Institute of Technology

Excellence Through Leadershpe

  • 2012 SHPE Regional Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico!
    This year SHPE-RIT went big in Puerto Rico, where Region 4's annual conference took place
  • Get rewarded for your accomplishments!
    Two members (our very own Dennis Vega on the right) receive awards for their hard work in their respective chapters.
  • Region 4, Say No More!
    Members of Region 4 gather for a picture during the 2012 SHPE Regional Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • 2011 SHPE National Conference in Anaheim, CA
    Take advantage of the workshops and job opportunities provided by SHPE.
  • SHPE + You = Success
    President Valeria Gonzalez and Vice President Hemsley Pichardo received Certificates of Recognition from the SHPE President himself. Let us help you achieve more!
  • FriendSHPE
    The RIT and Cornell chapters of Region IV meet for dinner at Disneyland.

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Inc. (SHPE) is the source for quality Hispanic engineers and technical talent. SHPE empowers the Hispanic community in all aspects of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, academic development and professional growth for its members.

What we do

As an organization, we try our best to foster excellence for our membership. Through our events and initiatives, we help our members in professional development, academic excellence, and personal growth; along with an emphasis on the importance of helping your community.

How to Become a Member

It is very simple becoming a member. All one must do is register, pay national and local dues, and start supporting their local SHPE chapter.

Who we serve

Our membership is open to a wide variety of fields and it is not necessary to be of Hispanic descent. All cultures and races are welcome and encouraged to join SHPE. We offer membership for undergraduates, graduates, and for professionals.