Last Updated Apr. 26, 2012

A new feature introduced by the 2011 E-Board is our new point system. The purpose of this system is to positively reinforce the participation of our members. By doing more, you earn more benefits with a grand prize gifted to the member with the highest number of points by the end of our academic year.

The scoreboard is a great incentive for members to get involved. If you have any questions or concerns about the point system you can email Erika at

Everyone is not on the point system yet. If you would like to be added to the point system, you can request to be added. Other wise your name should show up after attending a minimum of two events. You will also be added if you are subscribed to our emails and have attended a meeting.

The points will not show up immediately after a meeting, it will take some time to get the attendance sheets together and input the information. The award for the end of the year point system winner has NOT yet been determined. There was an error in the email sent out.

At the end of the spring quarter, we will be hosting our first annual End-of-the-year banquet. We will award our winner, have dinner, and recognize others who help make SHPE@RIT what it is today!

Student DCE Total Points
amb9654 10
amg9785 80
aum6466 90
axm3688 90
axs8065 10
aar1306 215
agg1765 90
bjl6407 15
bxl5989 10
cmr8630 150
cea7031 70
cel9410 80
cei5084 100
dal9302 20
dxr4305 170
dxv7520 90
dxj3922 30
dyk6592 90
dxb3662 20
dac6252 20
ejt6900 10
exp6181 10
exv9695 10
gdp1954 10
gnc9314 10
jxt5241 130
jxf2012 10
jrm6640 10
jxa5826 80
jcg3441 80
jrp1440 10
jkg1065 80
jer2874 60
jmd4861 130
kar8542 90
kkh3000 20
kmc2222 10
lma9306 25
lvv1301 10
mrs4957 80
mat5697 40
mcg8456 40
mxr4185 21
mrp3178 10
mxc2132 10
nas3008 10
pdr3994 10
pxj8371 50
pxs3517 10
pxs8993 10
pxt0325 10
rta2472 10
rxp1513 10
rnn1007 10
tes1196 130
sti7982 10
txt2454 20
vms3821 170
wkq6072 140
yah3133 50
zcl2068 150