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Anthony Dichiara

Anthony Dichiara
Post Doc

Office: INS/2115

Dr. Anthony Dichiara was born in France. After graduating from Troyes University of Technology's double degree program with a M.S. in both material science and optics, he moved to Hsinchu, Taiwan, for about a year studying the synthesis of carbon nanotubes for optical applications. He then moved back to Paris at the French National Center for Scientific Research where he earned a PhD in material science from Ecole Centrale Paris regarding the synthesis of carbon nanomaterials and their application in multifunctional polymer composites. He is currently at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, where he was hired as a postdoctoral researcher to focus on the use of carbon nanomaterials for environmental applications. Research efforts involve analysis of  sustainable batch and packed column systems for water purification using mathematical models to develop a fundamental understanding of experimental results.

Dr. Dichiara has been profiled in Marquis Who’s Who in the World and won several awards including the RMS Biennal International Micrograph Competition in Physical Science. He has presented his work at many international conferences and has numerous publications including peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings and patents pending. He has also reviewed several papers for different journals including Journal of Nanomaterials and RSC Advances.

Research areas

Dr. Dichiara was involved in various multidisciplinary research projects in the area of nanotechnology, material science, synthesis processes and innovating detection techniques. His current research interests are the use of hybrid nanomaterials for environmental and energy applications as well as new way of characterizing these structures and their formation.

Recent publications

A. Dichiara, Y. Lin, D. He, J. Bai. Bio-inspired method to improve the carbon nanotube adhesion strength onto substrates. Science of Advanced Materials, accepted for publication (2013).

A. Dichiara, D. He, P. Haghi-Ashtiani, J. Bai. Carbon nanotube hybridization with ceramic micro-particles. Imaging & Microscopy 3, 38-40, (2013).

W. Li, A. Dichiara, J. Bai. Carbon nanotube-graphene nanoplatelet hybrids as high-performance multifunctional reinforcements in epoxy composites. Composites Science & Technology 74, 221-227, (2013).

A. Dichiara, J. Yuan, S. Yao, A. Sylvestre, J. Bai. CVD synthesis of carbon nanotube – graphene nanosheet hybrids and their application in polymer composites. Journal of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 12, 1-6, (2012).

A. Dichiara, Y. Lin, D. He, P. Haghi-Ashtiani, J. Bai. Uniform diameter multiwalled carbon nanotubes with a controlled wall number obtained by a simple chemical vapor deposition method. Chemical Physics Letters 554, 137-142, (2012).

A. Dichiara, J. Bai. The growth of carbon nanotube multilayers on ceramic μ-particles by catalytic chemical vapour deposition. Diamond & Related Materials 29, 52-58, (2012).

W. Li, J. Yuan, A. Dichiara, Y. Lin, J. Bai. The use of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes grown on SiC for in situ sensing of elastic and plastic deformation in electrically percolative epoxy composites. Carbon 50, 4298-4301, (2012).

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