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Computer Recommendations

A computer purchase is not required to attend KGCOE.  However, if you do want to bring your own, here are some things to think about before purchasing.

Operating System – Windows or Mac (Apple) 
This is largely a personal preference. Most of the advanced applications that students work with will be used on lab computers and not their personal systems. By now all laptops and PC's are arriving with Windows 10. The main concern here is that you have the latest version of Microsoft Office. Office 2016 for Windows is the current standard. Office 2016 is the standard for Mac’s.  Office 365 which is an online version is also available for both Mac and Window machines.  

Laptop or Desktop 
Laptops are great for portability and will run many of today's computer applications. Desktops give you more power for the money. They generally have a faster CPU, and are capable of more internal devices. They are also more upgradeable. It is really a personal choice.

Processor (3+ GHZ) 
Faster is generally better. Look at the fastest CPU speed and drop back one or two steps. Many students have purchased systems with both Intel and AMD CPU's. The AMD processors are a bit cheaper and the performance of the high end processor is comparable to the standard I7 Intel chip. There are few, if any compatibility issues.

A minimum of 8 GB of RAM is highly recommended.

Hard Drives

The 2 TB hard drives are now standard. Bigger hard drives are available if you think you need it for storage but we highly recommend that you use an on-line storage system. Google drive and OneDrive by Microsoft are two examples.

For reliability we also now recommend using SSD’s whenever possible.

Removable Media 
USB Flash drive (pen/thumb drive) 4GB or larger (consider getting 2).

A 22" or 24" flat panel is a real space saver and offers excellent resolution.

RIT has good Wi-Fi coverage on campus for wireless networking. 802.11n is the current WIFI provided. The Institute has an OC3 backbone, (very fast), that is provided throughout the campus in the academic and residential areas. Road Runner and DSL are available in the area for those away from campus. Wireless technology is available across the campus.

Graphics and Video 
A 1GB card should be sufficient for most applications and games and CAD programs. NVIDIA GeForce MX or similar is a decent card. A laptop that has separate memory set aside for video of at least 512MB will be sufficient.

There are plenty of black and white printers on campus. Color laser printers are available; there may be a fee for this type of printing.

Get the three year extended warranty for laptops if you can afford to do so.

RIT has agreements with many computer manufacturers such as Dell, Apple, and SONY. Please call RIT Computer Sales at 585-424-6766 or for more information on these purchasing programs.

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