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TEAK: Kits and Activities

On this page you can download complete .pdf files of all available TEAK activities. These documents include teacher background information, a basic lesson plan that outlines the activities and discussions, student handouts, and teacher answer keys. All kits have a heavy emphasis on hands-on work, and follow the basic format of Introduction -- Hands on Activity -- Discussion.

Energy and Environment-Related Kits

  • Heat Transfer: Your sled dog abandoned you in the middle of the race - use the principles of heat transfer to keep warm!
  • Solar Energy: Use light to power a clock. Students will also explore other ways in which the sun's energy can be used.
  • Chemical Reactions & Electricity: Find out how batteries work, and experiment with different types of fruit in different combinations to create your own battery.
  • Electrical Energy: Build circuits and make the lights turn on. Students will learn about series and parallel circuits.
  • Molecules & Fuel Cell Technology: Build and operate a fuel cell car. Students will also build different molecule models.

Bioengineering-Related Kits

  • Artificial Lung: Use the design process to design an artificial lung.
  • Biomechanical Hand: Build and test your own mechanical hand. How much weight can you lift?
  • Biomechanical Joint: See air muscles in action, and explore the concept of mechanical advantage. Students will build an air muscle-actuated mechanical arm.
  • Bionic Eye: Build a circuit that works like your eye. Students will create infrared sensors and compare the electrical components to their biological analogs.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: Teamwork is critical for engineers! Students will work on teams to perform laparoscopic surgery.

Sound and Music-Related Kits

  • Speakers & Microphones: Find out how some hearing aids work, and build and test one during this session!
  • Electronic Piano: Explore the concepts of audio filters and gain in electrical engineering using an engineer's electronic keyboard.
  • Xylophone MaterialsExperiment with different materials to learn about the physical and mechanical properties of materials that affect the sound they make.


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