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TEAK: Publications

Refereed Journal Articles:

  1. DeBartolo, Elizabeth and Bailey, Margaret, "The TEAK Project: Students as Teachers", International Journal of Engineering Education, vol. 25, pp. 468-478, 2009.

Refereed Conference Proceedings:

  1. Elizabeth DeBartolo, Margaret Bailey, and Risa Robinson, "A Workshop to Improve Communication Skills for Teaching Assistants", Proc. of the 2012 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition, San Antonio, TX, June 2012.
  2. Elizabeth DeBartolo, Margaret Bailey, Sheryl Gillow*, William Scorse*, and Richard Liccion*, "An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Traveling Engineering Activity Kits in Pre-College Classrooms", 2009 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Lake Buena Vista, FL, November 2009.
  3. William Scorse* and Richard Liccion* (advisors: Elizabeth DeBartolo and Margaret Bailey), "Traveling Engineering Activity Kits: TEAK-Bioengineering", 2009 Northeast Regional ASEE Conference, Bridgeport, CT, April 2009.
  4. Margaret Bailey and Elizabeth DeBartolo, "HEAT TRANSFER Traveling Engineering Activity Kit: Designed by Engineering Students for Middle School Students", 2007 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, Seattle, WA, November 2007.
  5. Elizabeth DeBartolo, Margaret Bailey, Melissa Zaczek*, Timothy Schriefer*, Patrick Kelley*, Mallika Ramaswamy*, and Nicholas Ryczko*, "Traveling Engineering Activity Kits - Energy and the Environment: Designed by College Students for Middle School Students", Proc. of the 2007 American Society for Engineering Education Conference and Exposition, Honolulu, HI, June 2007.

Capstone Design Teams:

  1. TEAK Sound and Music P10041 (2009-10): Sheryl Gillow (ME), Heather Godlewski (ME), Bryan Lozano (EE), Jeremy Schuh (EE)
  2. TEAK Bioengineering P09041 (2008-09): Nick Dalton (ME), Jing Tao Gao (EE), Eugene Koon (EE), Rich Liccion (ISE), William Scorse (ME)
  3. TEAK-O Website (Software Engineering, 2006-07): Geoffrey Brown, Brendan Kapsimalis, William Minsinger, Aaron Pfeifer, Kevin Visalli
  4. TEAK Energy and the Environment P06302 (2005-06): Patrick Kelley (CE), Mallika Ramaswamy (ISE), Nicholas Ryczko (ME), Timothy Schriefer (ME), Michael Sterling (EE), John Wocial (ISE), Melissa Zaczek (ME)
  5. Design of Engineering Related Teaching Aids for Middle and High School Students P05903 (2004-05): Lisa Bonanno (EE), Ryan Carr (ISE), Jeff Kelly (ME), Joel Lomnick (EE)
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