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Phone: 585-475-7983
585-475-2281 TTY
Fax: 585-475-7990
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Main Office:
University Services Center
Suite 2400
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Rochester Institute of Technology
2400 University Services Center
Rochester, NY 14623-5608

Department Assignments

College/ Division Department Pre-Award Contact Post-Award Contact
CAST All Charles Bush Nick Rogers
SCB All Toni Heininger Nick Rogers
GCCIS CS, Ph.D. program, SWE, CSec, IST Laura Kleiman Nick Rogers
GCCIS IGM, MAGIC Rebecca Sumner

Nick Rogers (IGM), Kate Clark (MAGIC)

KGCOE Mech Eng, CQAS, Computer Eng. Ross Gullo Jason Polito
  Industrial & Systems Eng. Ross Gullo Jason Polito
  Chemical, Biomedical, EME, Microsystems Toni Heininger Jason Polito
CHST All Maria Cortés Denis Charlesworth
CIAS All Charles Bush Nick Rogers
COLA All Charles Bush Jason Polito
NTID All Charles Bush Jason Polito
COS CIS David Harrison Kate Clark, Denis Charlesworth
  Physics David Harrison Nick Rogers
  SLS, Chem, SMS Maria Cortés Nick Rogers
  Ctr for Detectors David Harrison Nick Rogers
GIS/CIMS All Ross Gullo Kate Clark, Denis Charlesworth
Student Affairs All Maria Cortés Jason Polito 
Univ-wide Units All Maria Cortés Jason Polito