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RIT Research Computing supports and provides research IT resources to researchers in their quest to discover.

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What We Offer

Facilitation And Consulting

Our primary goal is to make accessing and using research computing resources easier for the research community. We provide training, computational workflow optimization, and assistance with grant proposals and data management plans.

Cluster Computing

To serve the RIT Community with High-Performance Computing (HPC), the Research Computing team manages the SPORC (Scheduled Processing on Research Computing) cluster.

Research Data Storage

Research Computing maintains a Ceph storage cluster that provides network storage for the SPORC cluster. While the Ceph system provides resiliency that allows for disk or host failures, we cannot provide restoration of deleted files.

Research Software Applications

We provide research software packaging and installation with Spack, enabling researchers to access the software they need for their research.

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Service Requests

RSC Research Computing provides access to service request forms on our website, which requires logging in with your RIT credentials.


Our facilitators are accessible via ServiceNow and the Research Computing Slack workspace.


We have a 9 AM - 4 PM Zoom Room presence Monday through Friday; the Zoom link can be located in our Slack #general channel.


Institute Hall 1130
Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm