RIT Research Computing supports and provides research IT resources to researchers in their quest to discover. Research Computing is dedicated to supporting RIT’s mission to increase research and scholarship across all disciplines.

RIT's Research Computing Staff

The team provides centralized research IT services to the RIT research community. The team supports sponsored and unsponsored faculty research projects and graduate student projects that produce scholarly results and publications.


The Research Computing Advisory Board (RCAB) is composed of the Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration, Vice President of Research, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Director of Research Computing, and representatives from each college. RCAB meets at least four times per year to provide guidance and feedback on strategic technology issues and opportunities that support the research mission of RIT.

RCAB member responsibilities are:

  • Provide input for current and future research computing service requirements
  • Advise on policies, procedures, services, and standards for research computing
  • Assist in budget justification and prioritization of research computing investments
  • Advise on issues and opportunities related to research computing


RIT’s Research Computing staff is located in Institute Hall on the first floor in room 73-1130.
Hours:  9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Questions? You can join our Slack Community. We are also available via Zoom during office hours. The Zoom connection information can be found in the #general and #help channels of our Slack community.

Citation and Acknowledgment 

If Research Computing helped you complete your published work, please acknowledge us and use the citation below. Acknowledgment helps us grow and continue to support more researchers in their quest to discover. Feel free to include specifics as to how we helped you. The following is an example:

The authors acknowledge Research Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology for providing computational resources and support that have contributed to the research results reported in this publication.

We also have a DOI number that you can cite: details here