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Dear RIT Research Community-

Given the most recent guidance by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, State of New York, and Monroe County concerning COVID-19 transmission, RIT has issued these revised standards related to human subjects research:

All human subjects research that involves face to face contact with subjects must suspend in-person interaction with current subjects and suspend enrollment of new subjects until further notice unless the safety of the subject would be at risk if the research is discontinued. On-line interaction or data collection that does not require in-person interaction may continue.

  • We request your assistance in identifying approved research studies that involve face to face interaction where human subjects would be harmed or have safety issues created for them if the study is suspended. Please notify Heather Foti at and indicate what harm subjects would experience if the study was suspended.
  •  Approved studies where data collection is conducted online or which use remote communication (phone, video conferencing, relay service, Zoom, Skype, etc.) with no face-to-face contact with subjects may continue with current subjects and enroll new subjects.
  • Studies that are suspended may be revised if appropriate for the research so that no face to face interaction takes place. If you wish to do so please submit a revised Form A using track changes showing the proposed modifications.

The only research studies approved for the foreseeable future will be those which do not include face to face interaction with human subjects, unless there is a compelling reason, such as externally sponsored COVID-19-related research.

For additional information regarding Sponsored Research please check

I understand this news will cause unexpected disruption in your research as well as that of your students; I’m available to help you regroup and consider alternative courses of action.

To submit research for review:

  1. We're suspending the need for signed hard copies of the Form A at this time
  2. Send an electronic version of the Form A and all supporting materials to
  3. For student research - If electronic signatures are not possible, send an email to from the advisor or department chair indicating you are signing off on the research (if email is from advisor please cc department chair); this email will serve as the "signature" we normally require on hard copies. The email should include student's name.
  4. For faculty/staff research - If electronic signatures are not possible, send an email to cc'ing your supervisor/department chair indicating they are signing off on your research; this email will serve as the "signature" we normally require on hard copies. The email should include the project title.

Questions regarding forms and the status and submission of new and continuing research protocols should be directed to the Human Subjects Research Office at

Questions regarding research activities, determining whether an activity requires review by the IRB, and training should be directed to:

Heather Foti, MPH
Associate Director

Office location            Bldg 17, Office 3619, Mezzanine level
Ph: (585) 475-7673
Fax: (585) 475-7990

Mailing address:       

Human Subjects Research Office (HSRO) Bldg 87, 2nd Floor Administrative Services Building/Innovation Center, Suite 2400