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Overview of Services

Counseling Services
University life can be one of excitement and self-discovery. At the same time, it can generate academic, emotional, personal, social, and even financial concerns. Although not uncommon, at times these concerns can make it difficult to succeed or function while at school. Counseling is an excellent way to address such issues, to learn more about yourself and others, to develop new life skills, and to explore and gain insight, understanding and acceptance.

Career Assessment and Counseling
Career Assessment and Counseling has moved to the office of Cooperative Education and Career Services. Please call 585-475-2301 for more information, or go to http://www.rit.edu/emcs/oce/.

Scope of Services
RIT's Counseling Center is structured to provide short term, time-limited counseling. The duration of treatment varies according to students' needs, but counselors work to provide relatively brief treatment in order to facilitate adjustment, successful functioning, problem resolution, and symptom relief as soon as possible. A short-term approach also enables the Center to offer services to as many students as possible.

Consultation Services
Faculty, staff and family members are often in a unique position to assist students in distress. Unfortunately, many students fail to get the professional help they need. The Counseling Center staff welcomes the opportunity to consult with families or members of the campus community to assist you in your work and interactions with students.

All counseling services are confidential. The Counseling Center will not release information about students without a student's written permission except where required by law.

How to Access Services
The easiest way to secure services is by coming to the Center, but initial appointments can also be arranged by telephone (585-475-2261). We are located on the second floor of the August Center (Bldg. 23A), immediately across from the Hale-Andrews Student Life Center and above the Student Health Center.

Emergency Services
If the emergency is life-threatening, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. For emergencies during business hours (8:30 am - 4:30 pm), call (585) 475-2261 or come to the Counseling Center and identify the situation as an emergency. If you or someone else is in physical danger, call Public Safety: (585) 475-3333. After-hours and on weekends, please contact Public Safety at 475-3333 (on-campus residents) or dial 911 (off-campus students). For additional information see the "Emergency Services" tab to the left.

Counseling Center
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