Ebenezer Ige

Ebenezer Ige

Visiting Lecturer
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

2023 Submissions

Journal Paper

Oyejide, Ayodele James, Adetokunbo Andrew Awonusi, and Ebenezer Olubunmi Ige. "Fluid-structure interaction study of hemodynamics and its biomechanical influence on carotid artery atherosclerotic plaque deposits." Medical Engineering and Physics 117. (2023): 103998. Web. «

Ige, Ebenezer Olubunmi, et al. "Computational assessment of airflow circuit in a double‑acting solenoid‑type non‑invasive bi‑level ventilator." Research on Biomedical Engineering. (2023): https://doi.org/10.1007/s42600-023-00327-2. Web. «

Ige, Ebenezer Olubunmi, et al. "Computational Analysis of Mixed Convection in a Blood-Based Hybrid Nanoliquid under Boussinesq Approximation in a Transient Regime." Journal of Computational Biophysics and Chemistry 22. 3 (2023): 347–359. Web. «

Ikumapayi, Omolayo M., et al. "Thermo-economic comparative analysis of a simple and cascaded organic Rankine power plants fired by rice husks." Cleaner Engineering and Technology journal 17. 100692 (2023): 100692. Web. «