Jessica Hardin

Jessica Hardin

Assistant Professor
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Sociology and Anthropology

2021 Submissions

Full Length Book

SturtzSreetharan, Cindi, Alexandra Brewis, Jessica Hardin, Sarah Trainer and Amber Wutich,. Fat in Four Cultures: A Global Ethnography of Weight in Samoa, Paraguay, Japan and the US. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press, 2021. Print. «

Journal Paper

Jessica, Hardin,. "Life before Vegetables: Nutrition, Cash and Subjunctive Health in Samoa." Cultural Anthropology 36. 3 (2021): 428–457. Web. «

Wutich, Amber, Cindi SturtzSreetharan, Sarah Trainer, Jessica Hardin, Alexandra Brewis,. "Metatheme analysis: A qualitative approach to comparative and multi-sited research." International Journal of Qualitative Methods 20. (2021): 1-11. Web. «

Hardin, Jessica. "Life before Vegetables: Nutrition, Cash and Subjunctive Health in Samoa." Cultural Anthropolpgy 36. 3 (2021): 428–457. Web. «

Trainer, Sarah, Cindi SturtzSreetharan, Amber Wutich, Alexandra Brewis and Jessica Hardin,. "Fat Is All My Fault: Globalized Metathemes of Body Self-blame." Medical Anthropology Quarterly 36. 1 (2021): 5-26. Web. «

Ruth, Alissa, Katherine Mayfour, Thurka Sangaramoorthy, Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy, Melissa Beresford, Alexandra Brewis, H. Russell Bernard, Meskerem Z. Glegziabher, Jessica Hardin, et al. "Teaching Ethnographic Methods for Cultural Anthropology: Current Practices and Needed Innovation." Teaching Anthropology 11. 2 (2021): 59-72. Print. «

2020 Submissions

Journal Paper

Hardin, Jessica. "Ceaseless Healing and Never-Natural Disaster." American Anthropologist.. (2020): 650-651. Print. «

Brewis, Trainer, Sarah, Jessica Hardin, Cindi SturtzSreetharan, Alex. "Worry-nostalgia: Anxieties around the felt fading of local cuisines and foodways." Gastronomica. (2020): 67-78. Print. «

2019 Submissions

Full Length Book

Hardin, Jessica. Faith and the Pursuit of Health: Cardiometabolic Disorders in Samoa. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2019. Print. *

Journal Paper

Hardin, Jessica. "’It’s Almost Like Paying for Praying’: Giving Critiques and the Discursive Management of Denominational Difference." Anthropological Quarterly 92. 4 (2019): 1099-1122. Print. «

Hardin, Jessica and Hanna Garth. "On the Limitations of Barriers: Social Visibility, Fear of Consequences and Weight Management in Cuba and Samoa." Social Science & Medicine. (2019): online first. Print. «

Hardin, Jessica and Chistina Kwauk. "Elemental Eating: Samoan Public Health and Valuation." The Contemporary Pacific 31. 2 (2019): 381-415. Print. «

Hardin, Jessica. "Father Released Me”: Accelerating Care, Temporal Repair, and Ritualized Friendship among Pentecostal Women in Samoa." American Ethnologist 46. 2 (2019): 150-161. Print. «