Welcome to the Campus Art Catalog

The Campus Art Catalog serves as an online gallery of some, but not all, of the amazing artwork found on RIT's campus. This catalog highlights the Institute's rich artistic heritage, as internationally known artists, faculty, students, and alumni have contributed their vision to the fabric of RIT. Some of the art is on display in buildings on campus as part of our loan program. Many sculptures can be seen in outdoor spaces across campus as permanent installations, and many more are housed and preserved in the RIT Archives located on the 3rd floor in Wallace Library. We encourage you to visit the RIT campus, or make an appointment to view a particular piece of art by contacting the RIT Archives at ritarchive@rit.edu.

The art on RIT’s campus is intended for the enrichment of all and to enhance the daily experience of students, faculty, staff and community members. We hope you will enjoy browsing the many artworks held by RIT. Development of the catalog is ongoing and new art is continually being added.