David Dickinson

David Dickinson (1940-2009) was born in Middlesex, England. He attended the Chelsea School of Art in London, Statens Handverks-og-Kunstindustriskole in Oslo, Norway, and RIT in Rochester, NY. Before coming to RIT, Dickinson taught printmaking at Maidstone College of Art in England. After earning his MFA in printmaking from RIT in 1972, he was hired as an Assistant Professor in the College of Fine and Applied Arts.

Dickinson taught at RIT for 28 years, including courses in lithography, intaglio and relief printing, papermaking, painting, and fractal geometry as an art form. He also started the Illustration Department, one of the most popular programs at RIT.Dickinson was particularly known for his use of computers and fractal software as a fine art media in combination with traditional printmaking and photoetching, a technique he began pursuing in 1984. David Dickinson retired from RIT in 2000.