J. S. Jablonski

Joseph Stanley Jablonski (1898-1995) was originally a Polish art student who studied at Harvard University, thanks to three scholarships from the Harvard Club of Rochester, New York. He earned a B.A. and a Master's degree there. Following studies in Europe facilitated by a traveling fellowship, Jablonski was named instructor of art at Harvard. Jablonski also worked in Rochester, New York, where a special display of his watercolors was organized at the Fountain Court of the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester in 1929. That February Jablonski and Carl W. Peters shared a two-man show in the same museum. Apparently his outstanding watercolors were eagerly collected because they were affordable. One writer who covered the Art Exposition of Rochester's Industrial Exposition in 1925 considered his works to be the “freest and most artistic treatment of any in the entire show.” Jablonski later taught at Marshall University at Huntington, West Virginia, and also painted in Rockport, Massachusetts.

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