John C. Wenrich

John C. Wenrich (1894-1970) originally hailing from Maryland, his first job right out of highschool was at an architecture firm managed by Geroge Sansbury in Cumberland, Maryland where he worked from 1911-1914. He then relocated to upstate New York, where he enrolled at what is now known as RIT and graduated in 1917. Not long after he was drafted into World War I, following the war he decided to stay in France to pursue his artistic aspirations at the University of Toulouse where he was instructed in drawing and painting. In 1919 he moved back to the states, going on to work at the Gordon & Kaebler firm. Over the next 30 years he worked as a renderer and illustrator. During that time he also worked at RIT as a part-time instructor. Further gaining recognition for his work and accomplishments. His work was mostly in drawings and watercolor, assisting with construction projects across the east coast, most notably his work in New York City for the construction of the Rockefeller Center. He was also commissioned to create renderings of the planned RIT Henrietta campus prior to construction.