John Scott Clubb

John Scott Clubb (1875-1934) was born on April 29, 1875 in Halls Corners, NY where he showed a talent for caricature from an early age. Clubb attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati and later the Art Students League in New York. He moved back to Rochester and began his career in 1900 at the Rochester Herald, later the Times-Union, where his daily cartoons appeared on the editorial pages for 34 years. His readership extended beyond the local area and his cartoons were reproduced in magazines and newspapers nationwide. He was widely recognized by both casual readers and colleagues for his ability to combine astute( social and political commentary with a talent for communicating ideas succinctly through his highly skilled drawings. Local, national and international politics were the mainstay of his output, but he was also known for his portrayal of “cracker barrel” characters discussing world affairs while sitting around a country store stove.
John Scott Clubb drawings contain some 3000 original pen and ink cartoons covering thirty years, 1904-1934. The collection contains a card index, arranged by year, alphabetically by cartoon title. However, there are 4 boxes of unindexed cartoons.