Morton Levin

Born in 1923 in New York, NY, Levin is an accomplished multi-media artist whose work can be found in collections all over the United States. After serving and surviving WWII, thanks to the 1944 Service Men’s Readjustment Act, Levin was able to obtain an education in the arts, studying lithography and print-making at the Pratt Institute, as well as a Bachelor's degree in art from CUNY. Throughout his education he had the opportunity to study under some of the greats while in France; painting with Andre Lhote, sculpture with Ossip Zadkine, etching & engraving with Stanley W. Hayter. Despite being a New York native, Levin spent the remainder of his illustrious career in San Francisco’s Bay Area, where he continued to work and exhibit his pieces until he passed away in 2020.

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