Myoung Lim Lee

Born in Seoul, Korea 1959, Young Lee is an extremely accredited and experienced artist. Her art has been displayed in galleries all over the world, from Rochester all the way to Tokyo, as well as her hometown of Seoul. With three different Masters of Art degrees, she was able to build a free and introspective career and relationship with her craft. Originally studying visual design, she started her career and built her name as a graphic designer, in her 30s she became re-enamored with art through different mediums, quickly forging her own unique painting style. While at RIT her inspiration was drawn from interpersonal relationships between the genders from a philosophical lens. Her work today takes a different approach, she draws from things she experienced and observed as a child in combination with modern day issues to bring her viewers into her imaginative dreamscape. Following her graduation from RIT in 1991, Young Lee went on to teach at multiple universities in Korea, all the while keeping up with an impressive amount of exhibitions. Today she’s working as a freelance artist honing her craft, continuing to tell stories and bring impactful points of view through her work.

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