Paul Geissler

Paul Geissler (1881-1965) was one of the foremost German etchers. He began his work in art as a printmaker and painter, studying at the School of Arts and Crafts in Erfurt, Germany. Geissler is best known, however, for his plates, chiefly of the architectural beauties of old Europe. They have been highly praised by many of the most discriminating critics and collectors. His work appeals as strongly to the public as it does to connoisseurEvery one of whom the famous ruins of Italy or the beauties of the German and Belgian Cathedrals hold fascination; all those for whom the past glories of the Old World exercise a romantic spell will appreciate the charm of Geissle's etchingThrough Geissler's work one can renew acquaintance with well-remembered scenes or see, perfectly presented, the most beautiful of Europe's famous old buildingsFrom 1919 until his death, Geissler lived in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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