Stanley Galli

Stanley Galli (1912-2009) was born in San Francisco, CA to Laura and Ismene Galli. He attended the California School of Fine Arts (now San Francisco Art Institute), and the Art Center School in Los Angeles. His illustration career began in the late 1930's in San Francisco. From 1941-45, he developed training manuals for the Navy in Bremerton, Washington. After the war, he returned to his previous employer, Patterson and Hall, for a few years before deciding to work freelance. Beginning in 1952, he embarked on a long-term relationship illustrating for the Saturday Evening Post. At the same time, he began a highly successful effort developing the tree farming series for Weyerhauser Company. These efforts continued for a number of years along with assignments from McCall's, Ladies Home Journal, Today's Woman, Readers Digest, and True magazine. He also designed dozens of postage stamps. In 1968, he transitioned from illustration to painting, predominately producing work that dealt with his interpretation of ancient Italy and with the early Spanish colonial period in California.