Theophile Alexander Steinlen

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923)Born in Lausanne, Switzerland on November 10, 1859, he moved permanently to Paris at age 23 and became a French citizen. Steinlen studied art at Lausanne. In 1882 he arrived in Paris where he worked as an illustrator for the journals Mirliton, Assiette au Beurre, Chat Noir, and Gil Blas, for which he produced over four hundred lithographs. His work was shown at the Salon des Indepenants. Besides illustrating advertisements for a variety of products, Steinlen was famous for his posters of cabaret and music hall performers. His later work for the journals became increasingly satirical and critical of society. His permanent home, Montmartre and its environs was a favorite subject throughout his life and he often painted genre scenes of the working class, capturing day-to-day life in Paris with a simple, endearing style. He was very fond of animals, especially cats, and often included them in his posters. He never ceased to draw them in all their activities and moods. Cats figure prominently in some of his most famous works

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