Logan Melican receiving national award

10/29/18:  Logan Melican, 3rd Year Math & ChemE major - won the Third Place award for the National Student Paper Competition at the National AIChE conference in Pittsburgh for his talk: “Application of Asymptotic Approximants to Fluid Equations of State.” . 9 students who won from respective regional competitions around the country competed. Logan did his work in collaboration with Stephen Kronenberger, 3rd Year ChemE major, Nate Barlow, and Steve Weinstein.

Web Trajectory Graph

10/1/18: Ryne Beachley (B.S. Applied Math, 2018) and Morgan Mistysyn (Industrial & Systems Engineering, 4th year BS/ME student) were co-authors on a recent paper that enhanced our predictive ability for light deflection around black holes. The study began with Ryne during an NSF REU in the summer of 2017 at RIT, advised by Dr. Josh Faber. Ryne generated new coefficients for the weak-field limit of a Kerr black hole, and began exploring an extended parameter space that ultimately enabled the full trajectory of light around the black hole to be determined in closed-form. During the Fall of 2017, Drs. Nate Barlow and Steve Weinstein applied their method of asymptotic approximants to construct the closed-form expression, accurate to any order far from the black hole but only zeroth order in the limit as the black hole's critical radius (the radius below which light is absorbed) is approached. In the Spring of 2018, Morgan joined the team and developed a novel integral expansion method that enabled the approximant to retain accuracy to any order in this limit. The resulting closed-form expression is on the order of 10 times faster than alternative numerically-based methods and is thus a significant advance.  The article can be found on the IOP Science website.

Nate Barlow in Bruce and Nora James Atrium

6/04/18: This year, Nate is the recipient of two awards, Richard and Virginia Eisenhart Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Innovative Teaching with Technology Award.  Read the full story on RIT News.  photo credit: A. Sue Weisler

Students at Regional Conference

4/7/18: Logan Melican (2nd year APPMTH/ CHME-BS) & Stephen Kronenberger (2nd year CHME-BS) won the student presentation competition at the AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Eckhardt Northeast Student Regional Conference! 

The work involved the use of series expansions and the Gamma function to predict critical exponents that govern fluid phase behavior.

hands holding 3D models of math equations

1/26/18: Check out our article on 3D printing in the University News!  photo credit: A. Sue Weisler

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Meaghan Hoitt presenting her work

12/8/17:  Math undergraduate Meaghan Hoitt presented her work, "Development towards a methodology for predicting long-time algebraic growth in linear wave equations" at the SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, held in Baltimore.  The research was done over the summer, as part of Meaghan's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

Kristina King receiving award

5/19/17: Math graduating senior Kristina King was awarded two research scholar awards - one from the School of Mathematical Sciences and one from the College of Science, for her publication in Physical Review Fluids, "Stability of algebraically unstable dispersive flows".  Kristina will be entering the Math PhD program at University of Virginia in the Fall. Photo taken by Tina Williams.

Kimberlee Keithley with her mentor Dr. Steven Weinstein

5/7/17:  "Kimberlee Keithley is the 2017 winner of the Norman A. Miles Scholarship, which is given to a student maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA. Going into her final year at RIT, she is pursuing two bachelor’s degrees: One in chemical engineering, another in applied mathematics. As part of the scholarship recognition, she shared the award with faculty-researcher and her mentor, Steven Weinstein. He is the department head of chemical engineering in RIT’s Kate Gleason College of Engineering." - Michelle Cometa, University News.  Photo taken by A. Sue Weisler.

 Full article at:

Nicole Hill in front of her research poster

4/6/17: Nicole Hill received an Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award for maintaining a high GPA while pursuing research.  Her work resulted in a paper recently accepted to the Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics.

Paula Zaretzky presenting her work

11/21/16: Chemical Engineering undergraduate Paula Zaretzky presented her work, "Prediction of Algebraic Instabilities" at the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics conference, held in Portland, Oregon.

Fluid Dynamics Meeting group shot

11/21/16: Chemical Engineering undergraduate Paula Zaretzky presented her work, "Prediction of Algebraic Instabilities" at the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics conference, held in Portland, Oregon.