Past Exhibition

Melissa Warp: THIS LAND

March 03, 2023–March 26, 2023

Image from Melissa Warp's THIS LAND

Near my upstate New York home and in my travels, I observe how landscapes have been transformed over time – particularly those on the fringes of cities. Most notably, I see small farms that sit on land that has now become too expensive for one family to own. In turn these farms are often swallowed up by developments or mono-crop agriculture. Our food continues to come to our tables from further away than it once did while we lose any lasting connections to its source. This Land illuminates the connections between various aspects of this common story, as one topic points to another and brings to light various concerns about the way land use continues to evolve.

Melissa Warp is an artist, designer and educator currently living and working in Rochester, NY, where she is a senior lecturer in the School of Design at Rochester Institute of Technology. 

View the gallery talk from Friday, March 3 with John Aasp, Melissa Warp and Daniel Witkowski here (courtesy Josh Meltzer.)