Current Exhibition


June 07, 2024–August 04, 2024


Curated by Erich Lehman (1975 Gallery), “SKETCHY!” is a trip through the art and creativity of skateboarding, featuring a look back at over 25 years of Rochester skate photography, decades of skateboard graphics, and the fine art of the skateboarding world. More info click here.

Artists include: Charlie Bertino, Todd Bratrud, Sean Cliver, Chris Colbourn, Lori D., Amber B. Dianda, Emiliano Diaz, Todd Francis, Jim Houser, Scar Markham, Marc McKee, Don Pendleton, Mark Penxa, Bobby Puleo, Max Schaaf, Aaron Steffer, Jeremy Wray and Cameron Yager.

Photographers include: Daniel Dienelt, Casey Haley, Kyle Hofsass, and Alan Presutti.

Partners and Shops include: Booksmart Studio, Gabriella Collection, Screaming Squeegees, Strangelove Skateboards, Politic Skateboards, SK8FACE, VIDEODAZE, Krudco Skateshop, Old Skull Skateshop, Pastime Skateshop, and Friends of the Roc City Skatepark.