Check/Submit MLTC Reservations

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Our previous scheduling system for MLTC rooms and equpment ("Digi-Rez") unfortunately broke down when RIT imposed a new front end onto our MLTC web site, and there is no hope of fixing it because the company that produced it is defunct.  We have moved this function to the RIT reservations system, which is far less likely to summarily collapse.  In this system, requesting a reservation for MLTC rooms and equipment is a little less straightforward and it will require a few more steps than you're accustomed to.  Hopefully, you'll find that it isn't difficult once you have been shown what to do.

To use the RIT Reservations system, click the "Open RIT Reservations" button above.  The login screen for the reservations system will open in a new window on your desktop, which you can arrange side-by-side with this one.  Then you can click the "Show me what to do" button for a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the new process of requesting a reservation.  Please let Kevin or Vincent know how well this setup works for you.  We can't change how the reservation system works, of course, but we can enhance the tutorial if there are places where people are having difficulty.