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The titles in the MLTC library are viewable from anywhere (not just the MLC) via streaming to your browser. Streaming works with the current releases of most Windows and Android browsers, one notable exception being Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7, but even that one works fine on Windows 8 and 10.  Streaming also works with the Safari browser on the Mac.  It does not work with an iPhone or iPad except for Safari on ipadOS 13 or higher, nor does it work on the Opera Mini browser--although the full version of Opera does work.  If you have a question about whether a specific version of a specific browser will work, click here to view a table listing the currently known compatibility of the most popular browsers.

If a movie is available for streaming, the MLTC catalog page for that title will have a button that looks like this:

Just click that button to play the movie from your browser. If you are prompted for your username and password, enter it as you normally would.

The streaming server sends the movie to your browser as fast as your network connection will allow.  If your network connection becomes degraded, or your computer is older and relatively slow, is low on memory, or you have other programs running while you are streaming, the stream will slow down. If it slows down enough you might notice a small, temporary reduction in picture quality, but the movie will keep playing. It should not sieze or pixellate unless the connection becomes extremely bad or the computer is completely bogged down.

Copyright considerations require us to restrict pre-authorized access to this service to currently enrolled RIT Language students and MLTC faculty. So in order to view movies from the streaming library without asking explicit permission, you must be enrolled in a language course associated with the language of that film: i.e., only current French students can view French films, only current Italian students can view Italian films, etc. However, if you are an RIT student, faculty or staff, and you want to watch a film from the library but don't meet this specific enrollment requirement, click here to submit a request to the MLTC System Administrator. In most cases, we can grant you temporary access to the movie you want to see.

If a movie you want to see doesn't have a "play" button, won't play properly, or if you need a movie played with or without specific subtitles, click here to send a request to the MLTC System Administrator. If the movie or catalog listing has a problem, we will attempt to fix it as quickly as possible.  If you need a movie to play with subtitles in a particular language (or without subtitles at all) and the button for that language is not present in the catalog listing, send a request for that track to the MLTC System Administrator.  If that subtitle track is available to us, we will include a "play" button for it in the catalog listing.  (We may have to spend some time hunting down the subtitles you want, and in some cases they are not available at all. So please do not wait until the last minute to submit your request; it can take a few days to locate the correct subtitle track or determine that it doesn't exist.)

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