Hexagonal Lidded Wood Box 'Full Moon'


A fabulous surface design and unique hexagonal shape combine to create this lidded box for keeping special items. A rich array of woods and veneers are used and the artist has tucked a hand-written note inside that tells the full story!


Product Details
  • Lidded wood box - 8" x 8" x 2.75"

  • Case - Anegre

  • Trim - Walnut

  • Lining - Walnut

  • Veneers - Kewzinga, maple burl, holly, madrone burl

  • Wood care card

  • Artist information card


About the Artist
Lincoln, RI

While writing his dissertation some forty years ago, Merle needed a way to unwind from the stress of hours on end of intellectual concentration. He joined an introductory woodworking course, and so began a lifelong passion, to design and make objects out of wood.  Working with native hardwoods provides Merle an avenue for creativity and self-expression, a connection to an ancient craft tradition, and the pleasure of sharing something personal and handmade.