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1953 - 1976

Shop One was founded in 1953 by Jack Prip, Tage Frid, Frans Wildenhain, and Ron Pearson — four craftsmen brought together by the School of American Craftsmen at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.

Metalsmith John Prip, cabinetmaker Tage Frid, ceramist Frans Wildenhain and metalsmith Ronald Pearson divided their time between teaching and producing work. Opportunities to sell their work were limited and Shop One provided a solution. Those represented in Shop One were among the best craftsmen in the Rochester area. Shop One integrated the characteristics of an elegant apartment into a gallery setting. In this environment customers were able to visualize unique objects in their own homes. Prip, Frid, Wildenhain  and Pearson hoped this would establish a connection between object, maker and customer. 

Shop One was one of only two in the country that exclusively sold hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces of craft and art. Shop One in Rochester and America House in Manhattan helped to launch the Craft Movement. Shop One remained in business until 1976.

Inside Shop One




In 2010, Shop One was channeled and reborn as Shop One in the spectacular Global Village on the Rochester Institute of Technology campus. Shop One is a contemporary fine art, craft and design shop on that showcases work by RIT affiliated artists including alumni, faculty and students. 

Shop One is the destination to discover original works - RIT MADE: Art + Craft + Design - that include paintings, prints, photography, ceramics, blown glass, textiles, jewelry, furniture, sculpture, music, and literary publications; all of which represent the diversity of RIT design talent and creativity.