Paperweight 'Nautical New Green'

This glass paperweight captures the pattern of a sea urchin or starfish. The bubbles create the illusion of the underwater environment and evoke the mystery found within the sea. Hefty in weight with a supremely smooth surface. Place on a solid surface, a window sill or a light base to bring the depth of color to life.

Product Details
  • Hand blown glass

  • 4" diameter x 2" high

  • Signed by artist

  • Artist information card


About the Artist
Rochester Institute of Technology
School for American Crafts, Glass, BFA 2010

While on a family vacation in Bermuda, Jake fell in love with glass at an open-air hot shop at the Royal Navy Dock Yard. He studied glass in high school and continued his studies at RIT.

Jake is an accomplished young artist who strives to carry ancient glass making traditions into contemporary times. Using traditional Italian and Swedish techniques, he crafts his own unique style, expression and design. He maintains his Hot Glass Alley studio in Charlotte, North Carolina.