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We are interested in development across the lifespan and our work focuses on improving the health of children and families. In particular, we want to learn about risk and resilience in family systems.

Our goal is to use research on developmental processes to create prevention and intervention efforts to promote positive parent health and behavior and reduce health disparities and negative social and health outcomes for children. We investigate both typical and atypical developmental paths. We are especially interested in the enduring influence of early child experiences and development, from the prenatal period through early childhood. For example, how children may be more or less susceptible to the impact of different environmental influences – such as a chaotic home life. 

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  • February 9, 2024

    researcher watches as college student adjusts a vape pen on lab equipment.

    Team’s research method becomes industry model

    Work by Risa Robinson and members of the Respiratory Technologies Laboratory completely shifted how e-cigarette analysis is done and became an industry model. Through this new viewpoint, the team recorded harmful emissions that were not otherwise seen in a lab setting, and this data contributed to FDA policies and regulations about e-cigarette usage today.

  • October 10, 2023

    illustration of an expecting mother and father

    Expecting Parent Study Recruitment Ongoing

    We are conducting a parenting program, along with University at Buffalo and Pennsylvania State University, for expecting parents. Participation allows parents to be a part of paid research examining the benefits of this program for parents and children.

  • October 10, 2023

    Faith Valentine standing in front of a presentation

    RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium

    Faith Valentine, a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow, presented at the RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium about their work on changes in the qualities of couples’ language across the course of an intervention.