Gear Research Consortium

Description and activities

The RIT's Gear Research Consortium was started in the year 2018 to:

  1. Promote the alliance between gear industry companies to provide mutual support and cooperation in reaching common objectives.
  2. Promote research activities in advanced theory and practice of gearing and share the research outcomes between members in form of developed computer programs, published papers, thesis, and reports.
  3. Promote the education of graduate and undergraduate students in advanced theory and practice of gearing.
  4. Promote networking activities among the consortium members by organizing a research meeting once a year at RIT.
  5. Facilitate further research cooperation between the parties.

In order to meet these purposes, the Gear Research Consortium engages RIT faculty, graduate, undergraduate students, and staff, as well as other members of the consortium and collaborators to support pre-commercial research with shared results, publications, and scholarly activities that would be useful to all its members.

Membership types and fees

Membership in the RIT's Gear Research Consortium is open to all Companies, Trade groups, Federal Research and Development organizations, Government-owned Contractor Operated laboratories, Universities, and other Non-Profits on an annual basis based on a contribution of an annual approved membership donation amount in the form of monies, services, or equipment (only for non-profits and universities), or an annual monetary membership gift to the consortium (for Companies).

Membership in the RIT's Gear Research Consortium will be on an annual basis. For-profit members will pay a nonrefundable annual membership gift of $7,500 if the organization has less than 200 employees, or $12,000 if the organization has more than 200 employees that should be paid annually before the expiration date of the previous year of membership to continue as a member for the next year.  Membership in the RIT's Gear Research Consortium for not-for-profit organizations will require a gift commensurate with levels of donations in the form of monies, services, or equipment as determined by the RIT's Gear Consortium Management Committee on a consistent case-by-case basis. There will be a one-time initiation fee directed to the efforts of the consortium that will depend on the size of each organization: $5,000 for organizations with less than 200 employees and $10,000 for organizations with more than 200 employees. 

Currently, the one-time initiation fee is being waived for new members! Do not wait and join us now. We are confident that we have a great deal to offer you in terms of expertise and access to up-to-date computational tools for advanced gear design and simulation, based on more than 25 years of continuous research. Please, contact us for more information. 


The benefits of participating in the RIT's Gear Research Consortium are the followings:

  • Access to full capabilities of IGD - Integrated Gear Design - software package. 
  • Free training in our facilities about advanced gear design, simulation and finite element analysis to bring you up-to-date on application of the most advanced gear simulation techniques.
  • Access to past and future publications of the Gear Research Laboratory at RIT before they are even published.
  • Participation in an annual consortium meeting at RIT covering recent developments on advanced gear design and manufacturing.
  • Meeting colleagues from industry peers and trained students in theory and practice of gearing.
  • Participate in the configuration of the roadmap for further development of IGD to make it the tool that your company needs.