The first RIT’s Gear Research Consortium Meeting exceeded expectations

The first RIT’s Gear Research Consortium Meeting was held on June 3rd, 2021, via zoom, with 17 participants affiliated with seven different companies. This meeting, which intends to be held on the first Thursday of June every year, brings together consortium members, as well as collaborators and observers interested in learning about the latest developments and new features implemented in our software IGD – Integrated Gear Design. The developers of IGD introduced the new features of design and simulation available in the software as well as the results of the investigation of the effect of application of non-conventional root profiles for reduction of bending stress in helical gear drives. After that, members of the Consortium presented their companies as well as several examples of how IGD has contributed to improve their products and provide capabilities of design and simulation where any other software fails.
Two screenshots from a powerpoint featuring diagrams and images of gears

During the second part of the meeting, the members of the consortium established the guidelines of future developments that will bring new unique capabilities of design and simulation into IGD. Thank you all for your participation and we are looking forward to another year of successful collaboration!