Preemie Examination Table

The proposed Preemie Examination Tables are universally designed with special consideration for the safety of premature newborns and the repetitive motions of physicians performing examinations. Storage systems organized by the sequential steps of examination are within comfortable reach for intuitive use. Two concepts under further research and development include the Baby Examination Mobile Medical Unit (BEMU) designed by Jennets Tho and The Sky Exam Table designed by Jordanae Smith.

The BEMU’s design features an organic shape that is spatially fluid to accommodate a person’s full range of motion. Stools, nested into the unit, offer a seating option for breaks or for optimizing spinal alignment during charting. The BEMU is mobile and two units can be nested together for use in condensed spaces, storage or transport.

The Sky Exam Table, designed to be ergonomically compatible for all users, can be either a free standing or wall mounted unit with storage. A pivoting footrest relieves stress and pressure on the body during long hours of standing. The “cloud” that cradles the newborn is designed with natural inflections and inclines to maintain a 30 degree angle and securely, comfortably swaddle the body. The “cloud” (bassinet and scale) is easily adjusted up or down to meet the varied stature of care providers.

Next Phase

The preemie exam tables are in design development for prototype exploration with Autodesk using Fusion 360 to take the design from concept to production.


Mary Golden, RIT Assistant Professor, Interior Design


Christina Chang, RIT Teaching Assistant, Industrial Design

  • Preemie exam table - PDF
  • Baby examination mobile unit - PDF
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