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The RIT's Gear Research Consortium was started in the year 2018 to:

  1. Promote the alliance between gear industry companies to provide mutual support and cooperation in reaching common objectives.
  2. Promote research activities in advanced theory and practice of gearing and share the research outcomes between members in form of developed computer programs, published papers, thesis, and reports.
  3. Promote the education of graduate and undergraduate students in advanced theory and practice of gearing.
  4. Promote networking activities among the consortium members by organizing a research meeting once a year at RIT.
  5. Facilitate further research cooperation between the parties.

In order to meet these purposes, the Gear Research Consortium engages RIT faculty, graduate, undergraduate students, and staff, as well as other members of the consortium and collaborators to support pre-commercial research with shared results, publications, and scholarly activities that would be useful to all its members.