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Membership in the RIT's Gear Research Consortium is open to all Companies, Trade groups, Federal Research and Development organizations, Government-owned Contractor Operated laboratories, Universities, and other Non-Profits on an annual basis based on a contribution of an annual approved membership donation amount in the form of monies, services, or equipment (only for non-profits and universities), or an annual monetary membership gift to the consortium (for Companies).

Membership in the RIT's Gear Research Consortium will be on an annual basis. There will be one-time initiation fee directed to the efforts of the consortium that will depend on the size of each organization: $5,000 for organizations with less than 200 employees and $10,000 for organizations with more than 200 employees. In addition to the one-time initiation gift, for-profit members will to pay a nonrefundable annual membership gift of $7,500 if the organization has less than 200 employees, or $12,000 if the organization has more than 200 employees that should be paid annually before the expiration date of the previous year of membership to continue as a member for the next year. 

Membership in the RIT's Gear Research Consortium for not-for-profit organizations will require a gift commensurate with levels of donations in the form of monies, services, or equipment as determined by RIT Consortium Management Committee on a consistent case-by-case basis.

Currently, the one-time initiation fee is being waived for new members! Do not wait and join us now. We are confident that we have a great deal to offer you in terms of expertise and access to up-to-date computational tools for advanced gear design and simulation based on more than 20 years of continuous research work. Please, contact us for more information.