Discrete Microfluidics Laboratory

Generating large-scale impact leveraging small-scale physics



Thank you for visiting the website of the Discrete Microfluidics Laboratory (DMFL) at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The DMFL was founded in the fall of 2013 by Dr. Michael J. Schertzer. In the DMFL, we study the physics of microscale droplets. Physics at this scale is a little different, because surface forces tend to dominate over body forces. In a single droplet, the interactions of the fluid, suspended particles, and any applied electric fields are highly coupled and complex. Our goal is to understand these interactions and to leverage the physics of microdroplets for innovative advancements in current technologies. Potential applications range from healthcare to energy to manufacturing and more.

Our current research focuses include: colloidal deposition, energy harvesting, and lab-on-a-chip. We are always looking for new researchers and collaborators. If you are interested in working with our lab, please do not hesistate to contact us!

Dr. Michael J. Schertzer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Director of the Discrete Microfluidics Laboratory
Office: GLE-2175, DMFL: GLE-2130
Phone (Office): 585-475-5715
E-mail: michael.schertzer@rit.edu

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