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Using and Improving Electron Microscopy

The NanoImaging Lab is a research laboratory at the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science at RIT, dedicated to electron microscopy research. The Lab is home to four electron microscopes (2 SEMs & 2 TEMs) and focuses on two major research themes.

First, in this laboratory, we use the tools of imaging science to characterize materials at the micro- and nano-scale, using electron microscopy. The tools include imaging, electron diffraction, and x-ray microanalysis to determine the elemental composition of materials. The Lab collaborates with various research groups on campus to provide a characterization of their materials. We also work with industry to meet their materials characterization challenges. Students in the Lab are involved in these collaborations. Second, using imaging science to improve the performance of electron microscopes computationally. This includes the point spread function determination, electron optics modeling, image restoration, and deconvolution research.