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We are not currently accepting referrals for any services.

What we offer

We offer numerous services to help with anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, stress management, smoking cessation, substance misuse, depression, and anxiety related disorders.

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Personalized Healthcare

Every individual is unique. Mental health difficulties and stressors may be different foreach person. At the RIT Priority Behavioral Health Clinic, personalized services will be offered for each individual after a detailed evaluation of their mental health needs with customized treatment plans.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive Behavioral therapy, known as CBT is an evidence based therapeutic model that is an active and prescriptive therapy, uniquely designed to target specific behaviors that are maladaptive and to help you choose healthier prosocial behaviors. CBT focuses on recognizing problem behaviors, identifying situations you could avoid and provide coping skills to those triggers that are unavoidable. CBT uses mechanisms of action designed to teach healthier behavior changes that are rewarding. It involves using in-session and out- of -session such as role plays and active participation (e.g., shaping healthy behavior change by practicing healthier coping skills). CBT will allow you to develop problem solving capabilities by addressing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy:

Motivational Enhancement Therapy or MET is also an evidence based therapeutic approach that is person-centered. It focuses on identifying your motivation to change a target behavior and working through the ambivalence in the process of change. It helps develop internal motivation to modify maladaptive behaviors and involves meeting you where you are at in the process of change.

Mindfulness skills:

Mindfulness skills help enhance awareness of your experiences and surroundings as well as thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Along with using relaxation techniques, mindfulness focuses on being open and non-judgmental about reality. Mindfulness skills will help you stay grounded and are used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches like CBT, DBT and MET.

RIT Priority Behavioral Health also offers Avatar-assisted digital therapies. This will allow you to engage with a customizable personalized digital Avatar therapy coach throughout your therapeutic process. The interactive features of the digital therapies help increase engagement and also provide opportunities to practice skills learned from CBT and MET. This Avatar coach is your personalized, empathic and caring coach who will provide you with potential coping skills to practice at your own pace.

At RIT Priority Behavioral Health, we are also offering tele-behavioral health services. This includes intake evaluation and therapy services offered remotely using telemedicine platforms. We want to provide care without the barrier of transportation for clients and have been providing tele-behavioral health services to the House of Mercy Homeless Shelter in Rochester since 2019.  Given Covid-19 and your own comfort with access to care, Tele-Behavioral Health is an option to providing 1:1 personalized care to you at your home or location that is confidential. To date, we use Doxy.Me, an easy access, HIPPA compliant, encrypted, secure site to meet your therapy needs. All you will need to do is click the link that your therapist sends to the device of your choice.

As a part of providing personalized healthcare services we will incorporate reliable and valid screenings to gain insights into your current level of functioning and distress. These screenings will allow you and your clinician to develop goals in therapy and evaluate your progress in treatment. We would engage in collaborative consultations with your providers and treatment teams at your consent when necessary to ensure holistic and integrative care experience

Our team of Licensed Clinical Psychologists, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral clinicians are trained and equipped with skills to administer psychological tests and assessment batteries. Psychological tests are useful to gain clarifications regarding diagnoses as well as gain insights into cognitive, emotional, social, adaptive and personality functioning. The recommendations from psychological testing will help your providers guide treatment in an effective manner. There will be a modest charge of $200 for the psych testing and report.

The Priority Behavioral Health Clinic is not currently accepting referrals for any services.


Existing and past clients may use this number to contact us for records. The Priority Behavioral Health Clinic is not currently accepting referrals for any services.

Meet the Team

Cory Crane
Cory Crane, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Cassandra Berbary
Cassandra Berbary, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Courtney McKinney
Courtney McKinney, Psy.D.