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Informed Consent Samples

Non-Exempt Research
Non-exempt research consists of research that falls into an Expedited Category or is reviewed by the convened IRB ("Board-reviewed").  The consent process and the consent form that accompanies non-exempt research must include the elements outlined in the Basic Elements of a Consent Form  and include a Key Elements section at the beginning. This does not apply to Assent from Children but it does apply to the consent provided to parents and legally authorized representatives.
Informed Consent Sample with Tips.
Exempt Research
At RIT we use the term "informed consent process" or "informed consent" to refer to the information given to prospective subjects regardless of the category the research falls into.  Exempt research activities at RIT include a consent process to describe the research to prospective subejcts. This can be accomplished face to face and include written information for the subject to read or presented entirely through a written process for online research or other research that is not face-to-face, but prospective subjects should receive written information so that they can make an informed decision about participating in the research.  To ensure transparency and increase comprehension use the same elements listed in the Basic Elements of a Consent Form with appropriate modifications for your activity. You DO NOT need to include the new requirement for Key Information but may if you think it would be helpful for your subjects. You are not required to document consent with a signature on the written information form.  It is advisable to include a signature for educational research conducted in RIT classes.
Information about the requirements to waive or alter consent can be found here.