Collaboratory for Resiliency and Recovery

The goal of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) interdisciplinary Collaboratory for Resiliency and Recovery (CRR) is to provide integrated information and decision support capabilities to the private, public, and government entities, with the ultimate goal encompassing all communities worldwide.

CRR logo showing 5 areas.

Through integrating resiliency principles, decision support technology, and incident response capabilities, the CRR will increase a community’s ability to prepare, respond, and recover from disasters.

Founded in 2011, the CRR applies a system of systems approach pulling expertise from across RIT’s colleges and domains, including risk assessment and management; data mining and analytics; critical infrastructures; engineering & resilient operations, cyber security; and sociotechnical systems. The CRR currently focuses on the needs of localities and decision-makers in the data to decision pipeline. The faculty have external grants totaling over $2.5 million.

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