Lost & Found: New Harvest


A stand-alone expansion to the multi-award-winning strategy game, Lost & Found. This game can also be combined with the original game to allow for play with both Muslim and Jewish characters at the same time. Build your community, support your family, back your neighbors, and stave off disasters. Any or all can win – or lose.

In medieval North Africa, towns are built by families like yours. Show your strategic and collaborative skills in Lost & Found: New Harvest, a historical strategy game of balance between community and family needs. Take on one of five roles in a struggle to address dilemmas, overcome crises, and avert disasters that threaten to destroy everything you know and love. Look out for your family, but be sure to collaborate with your neighbors as well. Any number of players can win, but if anyone goes destitute, everyone loses.

This, the first standalone expansion explores how lost and found possessions were addressed under Islamic jurisprudence, as informed by Al-Hidayah and The Distinguished Jurist's Primer. These texts were written in the 12th century by great Islamic scholar and jurists Burhan al-Din al-Marghinani and the polymath Ibn Rushd (Averroes). They provide guideposts for behavior, but it’s up to you to decide how to solve dilemmas.

Explore the ways in which these medieval religious legal systems helped to hold society together and helped to keep neighbors cooperating with one another. Optionally, when you pair Lost & Found: New Harvest with the original, players can take on both Jewish and Muslim roles, and explore how these laws play out for these two communities living in Fustat (Old Cairo) in the 12th century.

Will you follow the laws of lost and found possessions? Will you break them? Will you go above and beyond the law? Find out in Lost & Found: New Harvest!