Rooster Training Day


It was the big training day and all of the animals had gathered in the barnyard to see who would become the next rooster.  We find out from the old bird that being a rooster takes four things: “an impressive crown, a beautiful tail, an intimidating strut, and a commending crow.”

All of the animals on the farm try to fit into the mold that old rooster has set  except for one unlikely hero, who at first glance, is nothing like the description of a traditional rooster.

The snapping turtle perseveres through observation, creativity, and a belief that it is what is inside that counts.  The snapper is cheered on by the other animals on the farm for calling the sun and waking the farmer.  It is this creature who is successful, and who performs this important job proudly as the new "Green Rooster" until the time comes for the next training day.

  • Written ans illustrated by Joseph Allgeier